John Negroponte ZFactor

As watered-down as the 9/11 Commission reports had to be in order to make bi-partisan “consensus”, one especially important recommendation still shone through as being imperative to reign in the [ … ]


I received this invitation to attend the Congress For The New Urbanism (CNU) Press Luncheon with my friend held at the Metropolitan Pavilion here in New York City.  It was [ … ]

The Lower East Side

Long Live the Revolution Long Live the Revolution of the Pseudo Anarchist Hippy Bohemian Squatter Revolutionary Lower East Side In Alphabet City where God Bless America becomes God Fuck America [ … ]

The Intern

For a brief moment, Thomas Watson Kennedy was my intern. I didn’t need an intern, but when I saw Thomas Kennedy’s application I couldn’t resist the opportunity. For one, I [ … ]