Peace on Earth

Several  American  soldiers  are  walking  through  an  airport  terminal  with  tired,  confused,  and sad  expressions  etched into  their  faces,  when  a  young  lady  stands  proudly  and  brings  her hands  together  [ … ]

When will we learn

When the PARADE, a section in the Miami Herald’s Sunday Edition, about three weeks ago, asked him what he would do to make a better America, Norman Mailer wrote that “television [ … ]

Bud Selig is a Bum

The Beginning of the End of Major League Baseball Major League Baseball will collapse as it chokes on its own greed; is victimized by declining morality and corrupt leadership and [ … ]

The Day I Died

(December 25, 1995) 5:a.m. – Rapid heartbeat, fluttering eyelids. Don’t know how long I can hold out. Gotta stay strong; can’t give up the ghost just yet. C’mon, Everett – [ … ]

Open Up

If you’re a guy who has ever brushed a female off because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings or stopped calling because you were no longer interested, then shame [ … ]


Writing was my therapy in that lonely place, where you did not and could not exist. Paper napkins were thrown in confetti embrace, a little bed and a big place [ … ]